About Mediation

What is Mediation?

Mediation is the use of a third-party neutral facilitator to help parties in conflict come to a resolution. We know from brain research that when we are stressed due to loss of control, fear of the unknow, hurt, and anger, it is difficult to access the part of our brain used for rational decision making. A neutral third party can often help with perspective taking, reality checking, and constructively managing emotions that may hinder conflict resolution. This is especially true in the area of family law.

What is the focus and mission of Sally Clark Bowers Mediation?

My focus is on family law mediation. My mission is to guide you through a process with dignity to make thoughtful decisions in resolving your conflict. Parenting plans, property division, and spousal support are some of the issues you may seek to settle. I work with clients from the period before a lawsuit is filed to appellate mediation.

What are the advantages of mediation rather than litigation?

  • CONFIDENTIAL Court records are public. Mediation is confidential. A mediator cannot be called to testify if you do end up going to court unless everyone, including the mediator, agrees.
  • COST SAVINGS Studies show that mediation costs significantly less than litigation.
  • INFORMAL  The more informal nature of mediation can be tailored to your schedule and needs. Court proceedings are adversarial and stress producing.
  • TIME There is often a significant waiting period for a court date depending on your jurisdiction. A case can be settled in mediation in a timelier manner.
  • SELF-DETERMINATION  A mediator is not a judge and has no power to decide your case. Although a mediator may make valuable suggestions, you are free to withdraw from a mediation, suspend a mediation, come to a partial agreement, or come to a full agreement. The decision is yours. If you are represented by an attorney, you will make this decision in consultation with your attorney.
  • CREATIVE There is not a one size fits all parenting plan or property division plan. You know the needs and wants of your family better than anyone. In mediation you have a chance to brainstorm out of the box solutions tailored to your particular needs.

I offer ONLINE as well as safety conscious face-to-face mediations.