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What is Mediation

Mediation is the use of a third-party neutral facilitator to help parties in conflict come to a resolution.

Family Law Mediation

My mission is to guide you through a process with dignity to resolve your conflict.

Neutral Third Party

Conflict resolution by perspective taking, reality checking, and constructively managing emotions.

Sally Clark Bowers Mediation

Focus on Family Law

My focus is on family law mediation. My mission is to guide you through a process with dignity to make thoughtful decisions in resolving your conflict. Parenting plans, property division, and spousal support are some of the issues you may seek to settle. I work with clients from the before a lawsuit is filed to appellate mediation.

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    Although online mediation is not new, there has been a shift to using online platforms necessitated by Covid 19. There are several platforms used for online mediations such as Webex, Gotomeeting, and Google Meet. However,

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